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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anchors Aweigh

Avast, me hearties—today’s the day fer which all ye landlubbers been a-waitin’! Th’ Bradenton Marauders be playin’ their first e’er game on this eve, with the lads sportin’ fine Inaugural Season patches on their port-side sleeves.

Arrrgh—enough with the pirate-speak! I don’t wish to hornswaggle you, but I’d rather dance the hempen jig than try to keep that up for an entire post! So let’s just go with the King’s English...

Our initial development explorations for the Bradenton Marauders included, amongst other nautical-themed directions, one with a ship’s anchor that the client very much liked. Though they ultimately chose to make the black-bearded rogue (seen here in the January 10 Game Faces post) the visual focus of their new team identity, we nevertheless were hoping that we would be able to incorporate the anchor somewhere.

The opportunity presented itself when we were looking for a way to hold all of the disparate pieces of the Inaugural Season logo together, and the shape of this particular seafaring device suited our needs perfectly. By stylistically handling certain elements in a consistent manner—the weather-beaten 2010 banner ties into the BRADENTON banner, the white highlights on the anchor suggest those on the face of the pirate character, the same yellow outline contains both the primary and commemorative marks—we were able to achieve our goal of ensuring that this particular extension of the brand fit together seamlessly with the rest of the system.


  1. And it looks like the bow of a ship coming at you at ramming speed! Great work, indeed!

  2. The anchor provides a very nice containment shape for the logo. Typically outstanding work, Dan!

  3. I like your adapted red on this and similar work. It presents the idea of red but is lightened to a nice melon color to maintain good contrast. Great job overall --as usual.