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Friday, June 4, 2010

Later, Gator

The alligator is the official Florida state reptile, and it is the nickname of the University of Florida athletic teams. With more than one million gators being such a ubiquitous presence in the ponds, marshes, rivers, lakes and swamps throughout the Sunshine State, that’s only fitting.

And with the 2010 Baseball Winter Meetings coming to Orlando, Florida this December, it is equally apropos that the brand identity system that Studio Simon created for the event should center around these menacing predators and their wetlands environs.

With representatives from close to 200 major league and minor league teams attending, the Baseball Winter Meetings are one of the biggest events in professional sports. This is the eighth straight year that Studio Simon has developed the Winter Meetings identity, which includes a triumvirate of event marks for the Meetings, Trade Show and Job Fair, as well as a comprehensive style guide complete with all of the creative elements that the Meetings’ coordinators need for signage, displays, apparel, brochures and all other event-related collateral material.