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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Marauders Set Sail

When the Pittsburgh Pirates recently purchased the Class-A Sarasota Reds, they brought Studio Simon on board to help them navigate the brand identity development waters in their quest for a unique identity that would thematically tie their new Florida State League affiliate to the parent club.

We worked together with the Pirates’ front office on every leg of the creative journey, starting with name exploration for the new club, which would be relocating to the Pirates’ long-time Spring Training home in Bradenton, FL. Due to the timing of the sale of the team, the project was done on a more condensed schedule than usual, but aside from a brief delay when we had to drop anchor while the trademark attorneys were doing their thing, it was smooth sailing all the way, and the new Bradenton Marauders primary logo was unveiled by Pittsburgh Pirates president Frank Coonelly and other team officials on December 15.

It has always been my goal to have the work Studio Simon does stand apart from—and above—the competition. For any of the identities we develop, whether or not this goal was achieved will be determined by how that identity resonates with the fans. The poll shown below, which ran on Minor League Baseball.com the day the new Marauders identity was unveiled, has me feeling pretty good about the job we did on this one!

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  1. Arrr! 'Tis a logo worthy of such a storied franchise.