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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The New Black

Over the past five years, Studio Simon has developed the graphics for more than 20 different Louisville Slugger TPX baseball and TPS softball bats, including the last five incarnations of the Omaha, a favorite of top college players since its debut in 1999.

The latest in the line was unveiled on Sunday, and it is notable more for what it doesn’t have than what it does. Whereas most bat artwork is intentionally bright and eye-catching, the new, limited edition TPX Omaha Silhouette stands out due to its unmistakable absence of color.

Had Darth Vader had this enticing black-and-shades-of-black beauty to offer, we’re certain that things in a galaxy far, far away would have played out quite differently, as Luke Skywalker would most definitely have turned to the “Dark Side”!


  1. This is what Batman uses when he's at bat. Because he's the Bat Man.