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Friday, May 7, 2010

Poster Boy

6-4-3 double plays. Dizzy bat races. Walk-off home runs. Funeral giveaways. Game-saving catches. Biscuits and Lugnuts.

The delightful amalgamation of our national pastime and quirky entertainment is what makes a day or a night out at a Minor League Baseball game one of the most enjoyable experiences for sports fans and families alike. You get talented professional athletes playing in intimate ballparks, hot dogs and cold beers at affordable prices and a furry mascot in oversized shoes taking a pratfall to lose a race around the bases to a five-year-old.

For seven of the past eight years, Studio Simon has been called upon to capture the unique flavor of The Road to the Show in the poster art we create for distribution to all 160 affiliated clubs for display in, and sale at, their stadiums. This theme art is then applied in various forms by the league throughout the season for use in their marketing materials and other print collateral.

Approachable players happy to sign autographs, seats close enough to the action that the first base coach can smell the onions on your breath, and often times a fireworks show to boot. We love this game, and we look forward to bringing it to life in visual form each season!

1 comment:

  1. There's nothing minor about that poster! Great work.